Welcome to Jeeyar Educational Trust, Seattle Chapter site. 

Jai Srimannarayana! His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji envisioned the Statue of Union - 90ft. Abhaya Hanuman will arrive in Houston, Sri Ashtalakshmi temple, in 2024. This will be the tallest panchaloha statue based on Vedic culture and 4th tallest statue in the USA. 

To raise funds for this project,  the Seattle team offers the following three opportunities to host pa:ra:yanams in devotees' residences.

इदं पवित्रं पापघ्नं पुण्यं वेदैश्च सम्मितम् | यः पठेद्रामचरितं सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते || idam pavithram pa:paghnam puNyam ve:dai:scha sammitham yah paTe:th ra:ma charitham sarva pa:paihi pramuchyate: (Reading or listening to Ramayana brings bliss and harmony.)

Interested devotees may submit the following form, and one of the JET volunteers will guide them with the next steps.